Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Learning Tots 0.2 Release

whooheeee!! A new version of the app has been released with brand new graphics to help your toddlers learn shapes, colors and vehicles!

I primarily created this app for my toddler during the time he showed signs of fondness for vehicles (well, he still does love vehicles until this time, even he's 4 years as of this writing). I also wanted to teach him colors and shapes at that time. So there! this app was born! least the first version.

Fast forward to three years now, I decided to revise the app, and add functionalities, primarily sound when you press the colors/shapes/vehicles. If you have tried the app, that cool voice is my son's. And he has memorized all the stuffs in the app, he can tell what's on the screen without even looking! haha

Now, for the business. I have put in some ads. (OH noeeess! I don't like you now..) Well, I'm hoping they won't be that intrusive, as they only show up after using the app.

I'm hoping the funds that will be raised by this app will be used for the studies of my kids (yes... kidssss.. I have two now). While you use the app to teach your kids, and let the ads show up (I really really hope the ads will also be helpful to you and for your kids), you help me finance the "learning" of my kids.

Let me know what you think through the comments. I'm also very excited to hear your thoughts about the app. Suggestions will also be very nice!

Install the app on your android device by scanning the QR code below:

Or just click on this link:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the app is only available for Android. I dunno how to make aps for iOS and others :p

EDIT: Here is the link to the Playstore for those who like typing:

Here is another link for those hard-core typist who like typing symbols and numbers and stuffs :D

EDIT: Generous souls may want to donate directly to our studies funds (I need to think of a better way to call it) by clicking on the "donate" Paypal link on the right side (there.. see it?) -->

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